Smashing down walls.


Once we were put into institutions, considered mad, and a risk to others.

The Magdalene factories housed many of us as did workhouses and the prisons for the criminally insane.

We would live alone with animals for company in forests, being at one with nature only to be accused of witchcraft and be burned at the stake as anything different is to be feared and to be stamped on quickly.

We still have those attitudes till this day.

The care home Winterbourne that was closed down for mistreating their residents many with autism and developmental disabilities.

The schools we send our children to daily where they are given inadequate support and subjected to mistreatment.

The jobs we are turned down for as our eye contact was not good enough , the jobs we lose as others find us intimidating when we don't indulge in gossip and don't say good morning.

But more importantly then these are the organisations that tout doomsday prophecies to newly diagnosed parents which scare them into trying dangerous unproven treatments forever searching for their neurotypical ideal.

MMS, HBOT, GMCAF and Chelation are only some of the dangerous cure type treatments out there available to the general impressionable public.
We seem to be in a state of constantly desperately trying to just LIVE!!

Our children do not need to be cured as they are not sick diseased or Ill
We are no epidemic rather diagnostic tools gather speed towards a better, smoother and easier recognition of the true amount of us walking among you.

We have hearing, a sense of smell and tactile sensitivities that put us up with superhero status yet can cripple us with sensory overload.
We have the ability to zero and focus in on a specialist subject to the exclusion of all else, why is this called obsession and not ‘specialising in’?

We are incredible verbal or not, sociable or not!
We deserve our rights to be recognised and freedom to explore all avenues we are capable of.
We deserve support and acceptance to achieve and explore our true potential.
Our children deserve the right to adequate support and desperately need cameras in all classrooms and hallways in all schools to prohibit the diabolical abuse that's happening as we speak.
We need automatic loss of freedom with a mandatory fifteen year sentence for any parent or care giver caught administering MMS to children or adults.

We need these things and we will fight for them on our children's behalf.

Every wall ripped down by us gives our children a greater view of the horizon and a fair stab at a decent future.

Until then, where's my pickaxe?

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