I wanted to say a few words regarding Dr. Bradstreet and the 'Treatments' he used on Autistic people.

I came across this picture on the support group for Dr. Bradstreet claiming he was a Hero and a Scientist!



I do not wish to be disrespectful but I feel passionate about exposing the truth behind Dr. Bradstreet and the awful unregulated, unproven and dangerous 'Treatments' he used on Autistic children and adults.

I have been following Dr. Bradstreet and his unethical ' Treatments ' for the past year now and through my campaign work discovered he was responsible for administering very dangerous 'Treatments ' to Autistic people.

Among them were B12 shots, Chelation, HBOT, Stem Cell therapy, Fecal Implants, Cannabis therapy, GcMAF and many other quack ' Treatments '

I have just read a great article by Emily Willingham which mentions the search warrant issued by the FDA that led to Dr. Bradstreet's clinic being raided by the authorities a few weeks ago.

Please read full article below.

Here's Why Authorities Searched The Offices Of Controversial Autism Doctor Bradstreet

I felt sure that the search warrant would be connected to GcMAF and it was! I am aware of this as I have been engaging with the authorities for the past year regarding Dr. Bradstreet and quack 'Treatments ' There are investigations into GcMAF as we speak!

I myself reported Dr. Bradstreet's involvement with GcMAF to the FDA and their colleagues the MHRA in the UK.

We know Dr. Bradstreet was linked to David Noakes and First Immune and Bradstreet was the key spokesperson who delivered GcMAF to the Autistic community.

We also know that First Immune and David Noakes are being investigated by the authorities and more recently we learned of the shocking news of 5 deaths linked to their First Immune clinic in Switzerland which offered GcMAF as a 'Treatment' for all diseases and sadly offered as a 'Treatment' for Autism too.

David Noakes and Dr. Bradstreet recommended that Autistic children go to this clinic in Switzerland for GcMAF 'Treatment' at a cost of £5000 a week!

David Noakes claimed he could 'cure' Autism in a week with intense GcMAF 'Treatment' at this clinic!

So putting the puzzle together!

First Immune clinic which Dr. Bradstreet was connected to is in serious trouble with ongoing investigations as we speak!

I know this to be true as I am involved in these investigations with the authorities.

Then we have the news of these 5 deaths associated with the clinic in Switzerland.

The story of the deaths in Switzerland broke the same day Dr. Bradstreet took his own life.

It is very tragic he died in such awful circumstances but people need to know the truth behind his clinic and the dangerous 'Treatments' he was giving to Autistic children and adults.

Autistic children and adults are being experimented on and tortured with these inhumane and unregulated 'Treatments'

To be silent on this issue now would be wrong and to say Dr. Bradstreet is a hero is quite frankly disturbing.

I hope that the investigations into these unregulated quack ' Treatments ' will lead to legislation to protect the Autistic community and respect for our HUMAN RIGHTS!

Thanks for reading.

Fiona O'Leary


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