Autistics under siege, the hate epidemic.


by Emma Dalmayne


It's the year 2015. I am an Autistic and have autistic children.

To be an Autistic with spectrum children I see and hear both sides ie neurotypical view points on Autism and the view points of those who do not realise I am on the spectrum.

The ones who say sorry when they hear my children are Autistic.

The ones who smile with pity and assure me ‘They can do wonderful things these days with them can't they?”

The ones who say ‘Better not have anymore children then, does the father have it?’

The ones who say ‘Unfortunately there's no cure, if there was wouldn't we all have tried it?’ In the middle of me explaining about parents bleaching their children's insides in a false bid to ‘cure’ them of their neurodiversity.

Lastly the ones who say ‘But you seem so normal!’

For them I feel pity and an overwhelming resentment.

Autistics wake up every day and move through a world that plays like a film around them.

We try to say the required lines, we shine brightly in a black and white landscape that frowns on alternative communication, that wishes to halt what it terms as unusual movements or behaviours.

We have in 2015 an ABA school in the U.S. Called the Judge Rottenburg Centre funded in part by Autism Speaks an organisation that profiles to help families with Autistic members but seeks cure and intro utero testing. In this centre they use electric shock treatment for misdemeanours such as struggling when being shocked, not answering a question fast enough and flexing your hands.

Clinics using GcMAF and killing patients.

We have websites promoting so called medications made from sodium chlorite promising to kill mythical parasites curing your child of their dreadful afflictions, teeth grinding, tiptoe walking and spontaneous laughter.

Autism blamed as the cause of Dr Jeff Bradstreets death.

Restraint being used in schools that would not be used on fully grown inmates in a prison.

Books published on protocols recommending bleach treatments for administration straight to the colon of babies as young as ten months old, adults held down by their parents and anally raped with enema hoses the degradation never fully realised and the devastation each time complete.

Therapists promising to make your child indistinguishable from their neurotypical peers as their parents have been told that to manage in life it is required.

Lacklustre carers looking at their Autistic charges with resentment, walking in the rain holding an umbrella over themselves while their charge walks alongside soaked and shivering. Taking them to the cinema as they have been paid to and refusing them a drink and popcorn, keeping the money supplied by a trusting parent just half an hour before.

Doctors telling us we wish to label our children when we seek a recognition of their neurodiversity.

Opening our eyes each day knowing that outside our door is sensory overload and a world threatened by a glow so bright it can't be quelled.

Going online and learning we are an epidemic, a disease and akin to leprosy.

‘Warrior moms’ telling you they will fight to release their child from this disease, recover them from this sickness!



We are the Warriors.

We are the survivors of the barren playgrounds frigid in its alienation.

We are Autistics and we will continue.

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