The difference between us:

Bleacher caring versus mother caring.


by Emma Dalmayne


My little daughter is two and a half and is getting over a virus. She's got a temperature, sickness, the runs, lethargic and miserable.

It occurred to me after we had been to the doctors that these are all symptoms that a child abused with MMS would display, only if I was a mother who was using it on their child I would not have gone to the doctor, oh no.

I would have posted in the CD group about it and been told to up the dose and been congratulated on my child's temperature as its their immune system kicking in .

I would look at her shivering and vomiting and worry about one thing only, how will she keep the CD drops down if she's vomiting?


Now when I personally change my little daughter or bathe her I am very careful around her nether regions. She knows she's a little princess and that mummy would never hurt her.

As a CD mother I would be preparing the enema. A two and a half year old would struggle.

So to insert a tube into them without them pulling it out you would need to hold them still, hold their hands and grasp their feet, two person job? I would think so.

So we have the difference don't we?

Love and cherish v restrain and abuse.

They would cry and if verbal say no , stop it, mummy!!

Any normal reaction if your child's distraught would be to scoop them up loving them and shushing them, kissing their tears away and allying their fears.

But no, not for a CD abused child.

They can't scoop them up and hold them as they are to busy rushing them to sit on a pot to empty out their bowel lining.

They may reassure them while they pass chunks of their insides that this is what's needed to be “normal” and that soon they will be like all the other two and a half year olds who don't have autism. Playing, talking and laughing.

What they don't see and refuse to see is that they are perfect. They are playing just not neurotypically. They are communicating but in a different way and may need help with signing or PECS. If they laugh apparently “parasites” are tickling them. And a dosage increase will soon put pay to that.

So that is why these people need to be put in jail. Their children need to be taken to safe loving families so they can heal and slowly psychologically get to grips with what has been done to them.

I in the meantime will cherish my children and take them to the doctors when they are ill, as any parent should.

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