Genesis two church radio station attacks Fiona O'leary


by Emma Dalmayne


On the Fourth of July at eight o'clock in the evening Autism advocate and anti MMS campaigner Fiona O'leary received a call from a friend, Martin Daly.

She was invited by him to appear that evening on People's Internet Radio where she would be interviewed by him on the subject of Miracle Mineral Solution a toxic scientifically unproven treatment made from sodium chlorite bleach and citric acid when mixed together makes chlorine dioxide a water purification agent.

Parents and carers are being duped into buying and using this solution in enemas and oral solution to cure the incurable neurological condition autism in their children some as young as ten months old.

That night before the show had even begun to air Fiona, who is autistic with two autistic children began to receive messages on Skype from the host of the show Sean Maguire.

He called her a big pharma shill and accused her of being on a pay roll. More abuse and foul language followed.

In the online chat there's comments of a storm arriving at 1am Fiona's planned interview time and a link is posted to an article about her with the accompanying suggestion that she's a media darling, the people commenting are openly supportive of MMS use.

Fiona went on air and was consequently interviewed by Martin despite receiving extremely abusive and intimidating messages throughout the show, friends who tried to sign up to join in the chat were blocked from commenting.

While the fact that a radio show abused and bullied an autistic woman, and lined people up to openly abuse her is disgusting enough the following night Sean Maguire went a step further.

In the accompanying link you will hear Sean and a guest known only as Patrick also seen the day previously commenting on the threads of the radio show do a follow up piece.

This time they do not have Fiona on the show but talk about her.

They call her an imbecile, mention her Aspergers and say she has no social skills, call her a bitch and state that she and Martin couldn't be trusted with a box of matches then summarise in a scathing unprovoked attack that she will ‘end up standing in a field alone in the rain crying wondering why she has no friends.’

This is preposterous as it is vile, Fiona comes from a loving family and is happily married.

The nature of this incident is logically concluded as this, autistic spokesperson invited to appear on a radio show that is hosted by an openly proud MMS promoter and subsequently finds out the owner of the radio station is one Lorraine Gallacher, a prominent member of the Genesis Two Church.

Fiona is, quite rightly seeking legal advice and is recovering with support from her family after being in what can only be described as a premeditated vicious attack.

Attempts to contact Sean Maguire by myself for comment were unsuccessful but he has bombarded Fiona with Skype messages repeatedly enquiring if ‘she intends to sue? ‘

Fiona ha

s fought tirelessly for the campaign against MMS use of autistic children and vulnerable adults and it seems she has touched a nerve somewhere, earning her this attack and a porn virus to be sent to her phone.

Myself and Fiona will continue to campaign regardless and thanks to this attack we know we are on the right path.

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