Breaking news: England attack religious freedom

by Emma Dalmayne


Proclaims the latest Genesis two newsletter!

On the 11th of June the BBC news exposed Leonardo Edwards selling an undercover reporter MMS in the middle of a Kings Cross Station. After I contacted them two months previously they followed up with this, a brilliant in depth exposure which I was proud to be a part of. The next day the Genesis two Church held a seminar in Farnham promoting MMS, the trading standards along with the police raided it.

Amanda Mary the host of the seminar has released a statement piece “More lies today from the press”. In her minimum five million pound Manor House the desperate gathered hoping to hear of a miracle, of a miraculous healing. They had each paid £700 each, a donation to the church without which they could not attend.

In a video newsletter named ‘Breaking news:England attack religious freedom’ Arch Bishop Mark Grennon sits listing the churches history. He started the church with Jim Humble five years ago, he states proudly that they are now in 110 countries and have 1,500 trained people to use the ‘sacraments’.

Mark explains that he was giving not a sermon about a disease when the door was broken through and trading standards raided the house. He also states that the last time England attacked religion in this way the pilgrims left and wars have been started this way.

We go on to see the seminar and at 13.20 in we hear a woman, who they say was Amanda Mary scream in indignation as her door is taken down by the trading standards accompanied by the police after they hear MMS may be for sale at the seminar.

Mark says he told the officers and agents to leave, stand down and chastises them for interrupting a church service. If you knew no better you could feel horror on the churches behalf but remember, this is not a church that practices religion. It's a highly orchestrated organisation, a collective business of snake oil salesman giving false hope and peddling dreams to vulnerable and desperate people.

The officers politely wait till Mark finishes preaching his sermon which includes the story of a man who has a disease called Chagas. Chagas he says takes 15 years to destroy your heart, this man had two weeks left to live yet after going on a ‘protocol’ he is miraculously healed after only three weeks! So we, I take it are meant to believe this man had had this disease for fourteen years and eleven and a half months only to be healed by Mark Grennon’s fantastic protocol.

The talk finishes and he goes to speak to officials who tell him that they are there to investigate claims that MMS may be for sale at the seminar or that they are using unfair commercial practice that a product can cure someone.

When asked about MMS Mark claims that they should go and deal with the people selling it online and denies all knowledge of Leonardo Edwards website that sells MMS.

He closes the talk with the officers claiming tat the Queen of England will come to his defence as they interrupted a church sermon. That trading standards bosses would have been tarred and feathered for this in the past! He then goes on to compare Genesis two to the Church of England and promises there will be a big deal made of this that he will tell the whole world about this raid.

Amanda Mary wishes to claim damages for her door.

Well we as Autistics wish to draw attention to the thousands of children suffering at the advice of her, Edwards, Humble, Rivera, Grennon and Kackler. We wish to express our disgust and dismay at this so called cure that leads to intestinal tissue loss , bowel shedding and kidney failure. We wish to make a big deal of the fact our children are, in the year 2015 being experimented on like lab rats, fed bleach anally and orally Until they convulse . Until they bruise, lose strands of their stomach lining and haemorrhage internally while suffering vomiting and nose bleeds. We lastly wish to call on the government for legislation to be put in place stating that anyone practicing scientifically unproven so called treatments be prosecuted, that anyone selling and promoting them be jailed.

The MHRA have stated in an email this past week that they will now work with trading standards to investigate and prosecute those selling MMS and other dangerous medications.

Through the media and approaching government we will achieve what we have set out to do, it's of paramount urgency.

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