We shall rise


Emma Dalmayne



As a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism you will have hit Google as soon as Autism was suspected eagerly researching therapies and possible treatments to help your child.

If you read the right websites and blogs you will by now know that Autism is not a curable condition, rather it's a neurological difference caused by the synapses not pruning back as much as a non Autistic brain in utero and in very early childhood.

We have extra receptors in our brains carrying sometimes an overload of information and sensory stimulation to us which can be overwhelming sometimes.

Unfortunately as Autism is a hidden different ability it's a target for often dangerous quack treatments touting the idea that if you use their products your child will somehow lose their Autism diagnosis and magically move off the Autistic Spectrum.

This won't happen.

What will happen is, regardless of what therapies used your child will acclimatise and learn to cope. In some ways they will move forward, sometimes they may regress.

It's important to remember that therapies such as Speech and language therapies to help with communication be it signing, Picture Exchange Cards more commonly known as PECS or communication apps are widely available.

Occupational Therapy can help with balance and co ordination, fine manipulation and suggest different sensory feedback in order to help your child, it's also worth investigating Dyspraxia if your child has trouble with buttons, zips and balance.

Play Therapy and Lego a Therapy can help with turn taking, imaginative small world play and role play sand tray work being particularly helpful.

Last and not least is sensory play designed to stimulate the visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory senses, lots of pouring, sniffing and feeling to regulate and ground your child.

These things are easy to implement yourself.

One very dangerous treatment being touted is Miracle Mineral Solution, MMS not to be mistaken with the MMR vaccine.

Beneath is an explanation of how I, an adult on the spectrum and mother to children on the spectrum feels about the recent Autism One conference hosting many speakers promoting dangerous and scientifically unproven treatments.

Your child is part of the Autistic community and this is the truth often hidden by organisations and charities that profile to be helping with Autistic causes.

This is reality.

Your colour is unimportant and affects not your personality nor your worth.

Your religion to me doesn't matter, as long as you hurt no one and mean no malice.

Now imagine against your race there is a tide of hate, a threat to your very existence.

It could be because of your skin colour or religion….pick one.

There's a gathering of these like minded individuals, they wish to eradicate you and strive to make sure future generations like you never live to see the light of day.

They have today met in a luxury hotel which was only too proud to have them and give them a platform to preach their hatred of you and discuss ways to torture your children.

So hated and feared are you that you are called an epidemic, portrayed as diseased and described as needing to be cured of your very neurological make up.

Why? For being yourself.

For being black, Hispanic, Asian, white , gay?


For being Autistic, Neurodiverse, different, odd, eccentric .

For being on the spectrum.

Among the plans these people have for your kind, primarily children of your kind are :

MMS/ CD treatment, the ingestion of sodium chlorite industrial strength bleach.

Shock therapy.

Intense exposure to oxygen in tanks, a practice called HBOT.

GcMAF, an injectable blood protein.

Chelation, the practice of removing heavy metals through the use of transdermal or IV fed chelators.

Cannabis exposure.

Who are these treatments being recommended to?

The parents of the children who have, in their eyes been born at fault.

They must be fixed, they are unacceptable Autistic.

What of the child losing bowel lining from bleach enemas?

What of the young adult forcibly held down by his father while his mother forces an enema hose up his anus, the embarrassment and degradation he feels?

What of the pain and sensory torture of shock treatment?

Through ages past people have been discriminated against, attacked , lynched and murdered for the colour of their skin, their religion, their sex…..

They can go to the police and site discrimination, report who has hurt them and have some chance of justice being served on the perpetrators.

Who can we go to?

The very charities we are meant to be protected and represented by have no view on the matter, they seem to be in agreement that the “cause” of us must be found and fixed, and soon as the numbers of us are supposedly growing.

They don't want that.

We are thrown from bridges by our parents, we are restrained by our teachers and sympathy is shown for THEM, as they have so much to cope with.

“Where was THEIR support?” is a question often asked.

“Oh THEY must have pushed to breaking point to do that!” Is the sympathetic tone we have repeatedly heard. How can one sympathise with a child murderer?

What of the dead child? The child now being treated for PTSD?

Made out to be the threat, the blame lies with them.

Beaten, shocked and poisoned this is advocated and it is at the moment widely acceptable.

Legislation with a bill of immediate arrest of any parent or carer caught using these treatments on children or adults on the spectrum.

Disbarment of any doctor, homeopath or dental practitioner recommending it.

Until then we will fight not to be what it seems we are portrayed to be and treated as.

Second class citizens.

No rights, no voice in government or in our own health care, our own therapies?

In this day and age how can these treatments, this catastrophic war against our Neurotype possibly be allowed to continue?

How can a professional profess to know more about us then we do?

How can a carer be addressed over our heads on our preferences, our opinions?

The more able among us speak out for the less verbal, the child cowering in the corner awaiting their next bout of MMS.

We speak out for the fallen, the forgotten in care homes regularly restrained, the adults treated like nothing by their carers walking in the rain while their carer shelters under an umbrella.

We will rise, and you?

You may watch.

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