***Press Release regarding Autism Daily Newscast Article which claims there are Benefits to BULLYING Autistic children***


We at Autistic Rights Together are outraged by a recent Article published by Autism Daily Newscast titled '10 perks Kids with Autism get from Bullying'

Read Article Here.

The title is shocking enough but when you read through the Article which is written by an ABA Therapist the content is even worse.

The Author Karen Sisto who is a supposed professional should be ashamed of herself for making light of such a serious issue.

There are no 'Perks' or 'Benefits' to bullying children and neither does bullying lead to better communication or add any skills to ones life.

If anything bullying causes serious longterm damage and can actually lead to suicide in many cases.

Many adults who were bullied in childhood live with lifelong scars and suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Anxiety and Depression.

Bullying destroys self confidence and can have a huge impact on the individual and their families also.

Autism Daily Newscast and their Editor Roberta Hill recently censored Autistic Advocates and placed an Embargo on our Submissions relating to abusive unregulated Products MMS and GcMAF.

Now Roberta Hill has published an Article which we believe encourages the Bullying of Autistic people.

The language used in the Article is shocking and violates Children's Rights.
It also insults anyone who is or has been a victim of Bullying.

Autistic children do not need to be bullied to learn about life which is what the Author of this article is implicating.

Programmes which encourage self esteem, inclusiveness and social skills should exist within school systems automatically and not exist as a result of being bullied.

We want this damaging Article removed from the Autism Daily Newscast Website and we also want the Author and Publisher to publicly apologise to the Autistic community.

It is the least they can do!

Please sign our pettition Here

We include also links to some excellent responses to this issue from Emma Dalmayne Here

and from Richard Johnson Here

Thank You.

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