In South Africa those who are administering the MMS/CD Protocol to Autistic children will now be charged with child abuse.

Those who are supplying and selling MMS/CD will be viewed as accessories to the crime.

Please see recent statement from a member of the presedential work group on Disability Rights South Africa.


Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health was informed by the Press (News24) about the sale and use of MMS.

City Press article Nov 19th 2015

The Minister immediately issued a statement condemning the use of MMS in late 2015.

He also escalated the issue of MMS to the President and Cabinet as it involved other Ministers as well, such as Social Development and Justice.

During the April 2016 meeting of the Medicines Control Council, Prof Helen Rees, the Chair of the MCC issued a warning concerning the use of MMS.

At a meeting of the Presidential Work Group on Disabilities, a Chief Director of the Dept of Social Development informed me that any use of MMS on a child is Child Abuse.

The parents or the person giving the MMS to the child can be prosecuted in terms of the Childrens Act of Child Abuse.

The seller or promoter of the product can be charged as an accessory to the crime.

Sellers of the product can be prosecuted in terms of the Medicines Control Act.

Due to MMS and other recent incidents like a pastor who forces his congregation to eat grass, drink petrol and eat snakes and several cases of Initiation School deaths and genital mutilations, the government is in the process of developing stronger legislation.

All legislation must be read in terms of Chapter 2 of the Constitution.

South Africa is also a signatory of several treaties concerning children and disabilities.

These treaties were ratified by Parliament and must now be incorporated into legislation.

According to the Minister of Health, MMS is illegal as medical treatment, as it is not approved by the Medicines Control Council.

Giving it to a child is Child Abuse.

The Dept of Social Development suggested to us that we can report cases where parents give MMS to a child to the Police as Child Abuse.

Sellers can be charged as accessories, or as part of a criminal conspiracy to commit Child Abuse.

Giving MMS to a person in your household could be considered Domestic Violence.

The Minister of Health also placed Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Practitioners on alert to watch out for cases where MMS poisoning occurred.

Such cases must be reported to the Police for investigation and prosecution.


Autistic Rights Together and many other Advocates have been campaigning worldwide for over two years now, trying to put an end to this abuse of Autistic children.

We welcome this very important development in South Africa but we are very disappointed by the lack of Action taken by the Authorities in Ireland, UK and other Countries.

We once again call on the Minister for Health in Ireland to take urgent action and follow the example of the South African Authorities.

The present Laws we have here in Ireland should address this abuse of Autistic children.

There is NO grey area around this issue.


However our Government is not viewing this barbaric practice as Child Abuse.

There is worldwide awareness on this issue, however awareness is not enough when dealing with elaborate cults, charlatans and well organised pseudo scientific alternatative cure and Biomedical treatment industries.

Criminal investigations opened in Ireland nearly two years ago with dozens of cases of the use and sale of MMS/CD reported.

Due to the lack of action/input from the departments of Health, Justice, Children and Disability, these investigations are dragging along and lacking the necessary attention that they deserve.

Without serious input from the relevant bodies we will not see Autistic people protected from these dangerous 'Treatments'

The fact that South Africa is taking this seriously and we are not speaks volumes!

End this abuse of Autistic people now!

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