facilitates ongoing harassment and slanderous bullying campaign against Fiona O’Leary, co-founder of the non-profit organisation Autistic Rights Together.


Autistic Rights Together.....

“exist to provide true advocacy for the Autistic Community, by representing the all too often forgotten children, adolescents and adults on the Autistic Spectrum who live under the negative and shameful stigma which exists in society today. A stigma driven by the search for a cure, for the elimination of Autism, allowing for blatant and cruel experimentation and dehumanisation which often goes unchallenged by so many prominent Autism organisations and charities.” (read full 'About Us')

"The main objective for which 'ART' (Autistic Rights Together) has been established is to promote the principles of equal rights for Autistic people." (read full 'Aims')

A new low and a new level of cowardice has been reached by pro MMS, anti vaccine and Biomedical pseudo-scientific cult members in an attempt to bully Fiona O’Leary and Autistic Rights Together into silence and submission.
It seems our work has had a negative impact on those who advocate quack cures and abusive interventions, so much so that they see Fiona and ART as the main obstacle in their quest to be freely allowed to use Autistic children as experimental guinea pigs for the biomedical quack charlatan industry, and also to be free to spread the negative stigma and rhetoric which plagues the lives of all autistic children and adults in society today. Clearly it is not acceptable to the aforementioned when autistic people stand up for their right to equal and fair treatment and protection from abuse, neglect and hate.

The latest tactic is a petition, created by a fake profile/entity (the mark of true cowardice and insidious intent), designed to harass, bully and slander Fiona O’Leary with elaborate lies, despicable allegations and blatant mockery around her work and personal life.

ART and Fiona O'Leary have exposed many charlatans, cult members and illegal practises by so called health practitioners from all corners of the world over the last three years, all of these individuals and organisations have a common thread, the abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people, most often Autistic children.

With great success we have used legal and media channels to highlight these abusive, damaging and often illegal practises.
We have reported all of our work to the relevant Medical Authorities and the Police in each country, as well as bringing awareness through the Main Stream Media in Print, Radio and Television/News coverage.

For this we have made many enemies, and many times over the last three years Autistic Rights Together founders Fiona and Tim, along with their family have been subjected to a backlash of threats, abuse and intimidation.

This latest attempt to intimidate and destroy Autistic Rights Together and the reputation of Fiona O'Leary is carried and facilitated by in the guise of a petition created by an unidentifiable entity as a vessel to harass and slander an Individual Autistic Advocate into silence.

It has garnered support from known members of the Cult Genesis II Church, whom Autistic Rights Together have exposed far and wide, culminating in criminal prosecutions and investigations against their members in many countries around the world including Ireland.
It has also garnered support from the Anti Vaccine movement and practitioners of biomedical quack cures and interventions, all of which have been exposed by Autistic Rights Together.

Suffice to say this piece will most likely be used, mocked and embellished upon on a future petition update.

The work and success of Autistic Rights Together speaks for itself, as does Fiona O'Leary's integrity and sincerity.
Fiona's bravery in standing up for the protection of Autistic Children and Adults will rise above the hollow and cowardly intimidation to which she is exposed.

Fiona O'Leary and Autistic Rights Together will continue to campaign for legislation to protect Autistic Children and Adults from abuse and experimentation and will continue to strive toward equality and justice for the Autistic community, despite the bullying, threats and character assassinations instigated by those who wish to exploit and profit from the most vulnerable in our community.


Autistic Rights Together
Sept 16th 2016

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