Aims of Autistic Rights Together

The main objective for which 'ART' (Autistic Rights Together) has been established is to promote the principles of equal rights for Autistic people.

'ART' (Autistic Rights Together) is a Non-Profit Organisation, founded and managed by Autistic people and fellow NT's (Neurotypicals) who share in our ideal to achieve equal rights for the Autistic Community.

Our passion is to empower Autistic people.

To do this we will strive to provide a safe environment where Autistic people of all ages can come to seek advice and support in the knowledge that they will be understood and valued.

The founders of Autistic Rights Together have been working on an individual, purely voluntary level for some time now on many pressing issues effecting the Autistic community. We needed to create an Organisation with the power to more effectively tackle the serious ongoing concerns of the ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) Community.

Issues such as:

The lack of inclusion of Autistic people on boards and management of the main Autism organisations.

The continued use of demonizing and damaging rhetoric by Autism Organisations in awareness and media campaigns throughout the world, thereby creating a sickening level of fear under which Autistic people are forced to exist.

The lack of training in the understanding of the Autistic Spectrum by public health sector workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Welfare Officers, Gardai and the Civil Service. Many Autistic People find it daunting and incredibly stressful when confronted with a system which has little or no regard for their needs, be it communicative and/or sensory and the simple supports that would make such a huge difference to the lives of Autistic People.

The growing use and marketing of numerous Dangerous, scientifically unproven, unsafe and potentially damaging so called cures and treatments all throughout the world. The experimentation on Autistic Children and Adults must stop!

The continued use of harmful, damaging and degrading interventions such as the use of 'Isolation Rooms' also known as Seclusion, Withdrawal, or Quiet rooms. Often these rooms are little more than Cells in which Autistic children are locked.
The use of (GED) Graduated Electronic Decelerator, a torture device strapped to Autistic people at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusets which administers painful, powerful electric shocks to the body at the discretion of staff.

The level of abuse and bullying of Autistic people at the hands of Schools, Care Homes, Service Providers, fellow employees and employers must be addressed and stamped out.

We need to change the public perception of Autism from one informed by fear and negative stigma to one of Acceptance and Understanding, embracing of the concept that Difference is more and not less, Difference is not to be feared and stamped out but cherished, enabled and encouraged!

These are the Ideals which we in ART Autistic Rights Together stand for and will work towards achieving!



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