Fiona O'Leary and Catherine Ghent on Ireland AM 7th Aug 2014.
Exposing the use of the toxic substance MMS / CD Protocol on Autistic Children.


Here are some Autism Rights related Videos and Media Exposure!


Just Know That I Love You




AutismSpeaks Don't Speak for Me!




 The "Don't Start! the CD Protocol Song.





Amythest Schaber  - Ask an Autistic.





Disturbing footage from The Judge Rotenberg Center via Autistic Hoya





Emma Dalmayne on London Live TV





MMS Exposed on BBC2 with Fiona O'Leary





Emma Dalmayne on BEN TV





The BBC One Show Exposeing David Noakes and GcMaf Part 1





The BBC One Show exposing David Noakes and GcMaf Part 2



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